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Hi all! 


My name is Perla De La Torre, and I am honored to serve as your first Panhellenic Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the University of Illinois. As a first-generation college student and Latina, I recognize the importance of a DEI position on the Panhellenic Council and what it means: a commitment to inclusion and social justice. However, we must first recognize that Panhellenic sororities were initially historically exclusive organizations. As a community, Panhellenic Council must acknowledge and break down barriers that have contributed to an exclusive space to create a welcoming community for all. 


Panhellenic Council now strives to never be at the heart of causing exclusivity or prejudice. Implementing DEI on the executive board allows it to intersect with each executive member, enabling it to integrate within the organization holistically. We want to ensure our members are heard, seen, and recognized by addressing the gaps in our community by continuously educating ourselves and listening to community members. We strive to create an inclusive environment where we can celebrate our differences and encourage each other to grow in ourselves and in friendship. Our goal is to foster a Panhellenic community where each member feels a sense of belonging and support with each step they take. 


Diversity, equity, and inclusion are significant to the Panhellenic Community and all its members’ growth, including mine. I am enthusiastic to take this position and make it about a celebration of our differences, education about increasing our awareness, and an effort for social justice. With our continued commitment, we can make Panhellenic a home for everyone. 

Thank you,


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The Panhellenic Council is dedicated to advancing our knowledge and understanding of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA). It is our collective responsibility to identify and dismantle any systems or norms that marginalize individuals. Recognizing historical exclusions within our community, we acknowledge the perpetuation of a homogenous culture and oppressive structures. Our mission is to actively educate ourselves, our chapters, and the entire community to promote inclusivity and break down barriers that have deterred women of all identities from joining. Embracing these commitments, we strive to foster a more welcoming and equitable Panhellenic community.
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