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a note from the vice president of recruitment

Hi, my name is Val Gabay and I serve as the Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Our chapters, Panhellenic Council, and I are so excited that you are a part of the Illini family and are interested in Panhellenic sorority life! Your college experience is one that you've dreamed of for so long and the University of Illinois offers you countless opportunities to be leaders in communities and make memories that will last a lifetime. 


Our Panhellenic community is composed of 19 National Panhellenic Conference organizations and 4 Associate organizations comprised of exceptional women who are involved in a variety of different capacities across campus and the Urbana-Champaign community. Our Panhellenic community continues to be proud of our chapters that have empowering sisterhoods, encourage their members to strive for excellence and enrich their college experiences through sisterhood, philanthropy, scholarship, leadership, and diversity. 


Recruitment is not the easiest experience in the world. But it is one that I will forever be thankful for. I promise that joining a chapter makes this extremely large university a lot smaller, and can become an amazing support system for you throughout your college career. They become your home-away-from-home and see you grow into the person you want to become; the version of yourself you have yet to meet. I think about the unconditional love I’ve been shown and I’ve given. I think about the craziest and most wholesome memories my 80 year old self will look back on and who they were with. I think about the people that have allowed me to grow and evolve into the version of myself that I’m so proud exists. I think about my best friends and all the milestones we'll watch each other achieve. I think about my Big and how she’s the older sister who takes care of me, chastises me, loves me like no other and is everything I wish I can grow to become. 


Thank you for your interest in participating in Panhellenic recruitment, and we hope that through this experience, you will learn more about the type of person you want to become and the type of people who see you for who you truly are and love that person even when you don't. Among all of our chapters, there is an immense amount of devotion, compassion, ingenuity, and commitment. Our community is filled with diverse and headstrong women that want to be leaders and a hand to hold in hard times. I'm beyond grateful to experience the love that is the Panhellenic community. I hope every version of myself gets to meet these lovely ladies in our community, and loves and appreciates them just as much as I do. We look forward to seeing you this fall!


With all the love, 

Val Gabay

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