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 Formal Recruitment was one of the best things I have ever done because I found Alpha Phi. From the very beginning, while standing in line with me during recruitment at Alpha Phi, I clicked with so many chapter members. Since then, I've come to know what sisterhood is in its entirety. With every accomplishment, my sisters cheer me on and hype me up. They encourage me to put my best foot forward in everything that I do and push me to be better; I don't think they even know that this is how they impact me. Sisterhood isn't just a word that we say every chapter should have-- it's an action. I see what sisterhood is because my sisters embody it on a daily basis and show what it means to be a true sister. 

-Alana Auston, Alpha Phi


Although there are many aspects of sorority life that have impacted me and shaped me as a person, none compare to philanthropy. My chapter elected me as philanthropy chair for this spring semester and I have never enjoyed anything more! Aside from organizing the women’s service hours, I am also responsible for planning events to raise money for our philanthropy. This year, I even developed another fundraiser so that our chapter could exceed our previous donations. Our chapter doesn’t just stop with our philanthropy because we all still find service opportunities within the community and go to other chapter’s philanthropic events. My engagement with philanthropy in my sorority has really shown that you can give up Starbucks for a week to donate to a worthy cause and you can always help others no matter how small the contribution.

-Hattie Duncan, 4H


Scholarship is obviously the main reason I am at the University of Illinois. When I arrived and learned how strenuous the coursework was, I thought I was in over my head and very overwhelmed. I wasn't sure how to prioritize my studies over everything else. I joined Phi Sigma Sigma and instantly met girls who were facing the same problem I was. Phi Sig has not only motivated me to do better academically, but has given me numerous resources to help me succeed. Whether it's a sister to do homework with or old notes to help study for an exam, my chapter pushes and encourages me to remember why I'm at this school. Together, we help each other gain the confidence to find our true passions and motivate one another to stay focused. I can't wait to see all of the amazing things these girls accomplish.

-Mallory Root, Phi Sigma Sigma


Panhellenic has helped me grow in many ways-- most notably, in my leadership. During formal recruitment, I was looking for a place where I could lead my sisters and improve our chapter through positive change. I was drawn to Alpha Epsilon Phi because it is welcoming and encourages leaders, from freshmen through seniors. As a member of Alpha Epsilon Phi’s executive board, I have strengthened how I collaborate with others, how I communicate to our chapter, and how I  listen to my sisters to ensure that we all leave the University with fond memories of our chapter. These skills also carry over to my academic and professional life, preparing me for the future. Most importantly, Alpha Epsilon Phi has allowed me to create a positive change in the Panhellenic community that I value so much.

-Rachel Maramba, Alpha Epsilon Phi


Coming into college, I believed all the stereotypes I had heard about greek life. I didn’t want to have any regrets so I decided to go through Formal Recruitment anyways and I’m so happy I did. Alpha Gamma Delta has introduced me to a diverse group of women from different races, ethnicities, and economic statuses, that I am proud to be friends with. We all bring something to the table!

-Anabell Nosek, Alpha Gamma Delta



As a Junior transfer the University of Illinois, I was both excited and terrified. I knew that I wanted to be involved in this huge school, but I wasn’t really sure where to start so late in the game. I never considered joining a sorority throughout high school and I was not able to participate in formal recruitment at my Community College. I signed up for Formal Recruitment on a whim, knowing absolutely no one in any chapter. During open house, I found Phi Mu. By preference night, I had found my home. Sometimes I wonder what would've happened if I never ended had this experience. I wouldn’t have found the best big or the best group of sisters. It may have been a short two years in Phi Mu, but it was an amazing two years and I wouldn’t change it for anything!

-Haley Rice, Phi Mu

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