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Financial responsibility

Joining a sorority does carry a financial commitment. Each chapter is supported through the dues paid by each member. Most organizations have one-time initiation fees and semester dues. Member dues go toward Inter/national fees, chapter operating expenses, social functions, philanthropic events, scholarship programming, member recruitment, and parent/alumni programming. While going through recruitment, make sure your daughter asks about the financial obligations of membership. During the First Invitational around all PNMs will receive financial information sheets which provide more detailed information on the cost of membership. Each chapter has different financial expectations, payment options, and many organizations also have scholarships available.


Sororities at the University of Illinois take great pride in their academic achievements. The 3.3947 all-sorority average and 3.4106 PHC average are consistently higher than the all-univerisity women's GPA. This is achieved through individual chapter's programs to encourage members to excel and help those who may struggle in their academics. Membership in a sorority offers options to help new members transition to the rigor of college academics:

  • Study buddy programs

  • Study skills workshops

  • Chapter scholarships

  • Time management workshops

  • Access to upperclassmen that have first hand experience and can provide information on majors and classes


Sororities encourage involvement within their chapter, the Panhellenic community, and the university community. Each individual chapter offers many opportunities for leadership through various positions on their executive board and cabinets. Sororities also hold leadership workshops to develop the leadership skills of those women elected to run the chapter. Sororities also encourage involvement in outside activities, believing that more activities create well-rounded women.

​Greek leadership facts:

  • 44% of all United States Presidents are Greek

  • 39% of United States Senators are Greek

  • 24% of United States Congressmen and women are Greek

  • 31% of United States Supreme Court Justices are Greek

  • 50% of Fortune 500 executives are Greek

  • 3% of the United States population are members of Greek organizations


Each PNM is considered individually, legacies are not obligated to join the sorority of their family member any more than that sorority is required to offer her a bid. Both the sorority and the PNM are looking for mutual compatibility, not a family connection. 

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