**Primary Recruitment 2022 is now open! Information regarding this year's Primary Recruitment can be found under the Recruitment Tab**

2022 Primary Recruitment
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"I decided to sign up for formal recruitment because I wanted to make friends and grow as a leader! Even though I was nervous to meet so many new people, I’m so happy I decided to sign up. I gained great friendships and the best mentors during recruitment and within my chapter! Sign up for formal recruitment to make campus feel more like home " -Ellie B

"I was honestly not sure if I wanted to go through the recruitment process, even though I knew I wanted to join a sorority. I ended up registering and I’m so glad I made that decision. Being part of my chapter has given me my roommates, forever friends, and so many happy college memories. In addition, being part of the PHC community allowed me to grow my leadership skills and be part of the Exec Board, which has been one of my favorite experiences in college!" - Ashley W