Formal Recruitment Dates 2020

Recruitment Round Times 

*If you have other commitments that conflict with recruitment, you will have the opportunity to complete an absence form that will let the chapters know the reason for your absence. Each chapter will take that into consideration when issuing invitations but please note there is no such thing as an "excused absence."

PNM Orientation: Wednesday Evening, September 2nd 

Open House (Round 1): Thursday Evening, September 3rd

Open House (Round 2): Friday Evening, September 4th

First Invite (Round 1): Saturday, September 5th (12:00-5:20pm)

First Invite (Round 2): Sunday, September 6th (10:00am-2:40pm)

Second Invite: Saturday, September 12th (TBD)

Preference Round: Sunday, September 13th (1:00-6:00pm)

Bid Day: Monday Evening, September 14th (5pm)

Invitational overview


Over two series of events you will meet every chapter on campus totaling 19 events. While this seems overwhelming, the events are short (25 minutes) and the time flies by as you meet chapter after chapter. Open house events provide you with an introduction to each chapter.

This is the first time you will be meeting these women so the conversation will be informal "small talk". Don't be afraid to ask the women about their sorority and Greek life in general. 

General questions are appropriate for this round. Ask about what is important to you. For example, you might ask: what do you like about Greek life? Why did you join a sorority? What other campus organizations have you had the opportunity to participate in as a result of your sorority experience? How will sorority life benefit me in the future?

A recruitment t-shirt will be given to Potential New Members. They are expected to wear this shirt for both days of Open House. PNMs are permitted to wear any type of pants, shorts, or skirt but please keep in mind ever woman will be walking to each of the chapter houses and may want to wear comfortable clothing and flat shoes.

Open house

What to expect:
What to ask: 
What to talk about:
What to wear:
What to expect:

First invite

Before you go to these events you will meet with your Recruitment Counselor to review the invitations you have received after Open House. You will have selected up to thirteen chapters to visit during First Invitational. During Philanthropy round you may complete a philanthropy project while you are at the chapter. This could be decorating a pot to give to local nursing home residents or making a sock puppet to give to children at a hospital. No matter what project you work on, the atmosphere will be fun and laid-back, allowing you to see the importance of service in Greek Life.

What to talk about:

Get to know the chapters a little deeper this round! Focus on the aspects of each that give back to a philanthropy that interests you or resonates with you the most. More than what they offer their members, what can they give you personally? What are their values, and what are yours? Be sure to talk about their philanthropy, service projects, how they give back to the community, and what they’re passionate about!

What do they do to fundraise? Where do they volunteer? What is their local philanthropy? How else do they contribute to the community? What are they passionate about? Members will also be given a financial sheet during this round so make sure to ask about scholarships, financial assistance or anything else you have concerns about.

In this stage women are given a different recruitment t-shirt to wear. PNMs are again able to wear any type of shorts, pants, and skirts with the recruitment t-shirt. Many PNM's choose to wear a casual type of clothing. For example, skirts or shorts with flat sandals.


What to ask: 
What to wear:

You will have met with your Recruitment Counselor again before this stage and ranked the chapters you would like to go back to and are most interested in. This invitational consists of seven events that are 45 minutes each. Take this opportunity to find out more information about the activities, programs and members of the chapter, and expect to learn about each chapter's unique sisterhood.

Get to know the chapter on a deeper level during this round. Start thinking about whether or not each chapter would be a good fit for you. The sororities will also start to ask you more formal questions as they want to make sure you would fit in at their chapter. You will meet a variety of members during these rounds, so make sure that you get different opinions on areas that you are concerned about!

Ask about leadership opportunities in the chapter and what they are involved in on campus. Find out how the chapter can help you during your college career and beyond. Some questions you may want to ask include: What aspects of the sorority encouraged you to join? How long is the new member program and how much time will I need to devote to it? How does your sorority promote scholarship? What is the availability of housing? What is living in the house like? What makes your sisterhood so special to you?

In this stage women generally get slightly more dressed up than First Invitational. Many women choose to wear skirts or summer dresses with wedges or slight heels.



Second invite

What to expect:
What to talk about:
What to ask: 
What to wear:

During Third Invitational you will make your final decision as to which chapter you want to join. You will have met with your Recruitment Counselor and ranked the chapters you are most interested in. Each of these events is an hour long. These events are the most emotional side of Recruitment. The chapters will introduce you to their sisterhood through ceremonies, like a "candle-light" or song, and more serious conversation. The sororities have already shown you their philanthropy, sisterhood and fun side and now they want to introduce you to their serious side. During this stage you will need to decide which group of women you most wish to call sisters and which chapter you can call your home. 

During "Preference Party" you will get to talk one-on-one with a chapter member. The member will tell you why she joined the sorority and what it has meant to her. Listen to what she has t say, as she is revealing to you the strongest characteristics and foundations of her sorority. If you have any last concerns take the opportunity to get them resolved. 

Ask about the personal aspects of the chapter. What has she gotten out of the sorority? And, remember to clear up any last minute reservations or questions you may have.

In this final stage, many women choose to wear semi-formal dresses and skirts with high heels. 


Third Invite

What to expect:
What to talk about:
What to ask: 
What to wear:


You will be matched with a sorority through a mutual selection process - you are narrowing down the chapters that you are most interested in and the chapters are narrowing down the women about whom they are most interested in getting to know more. Throughout the Recruitment process, it is important to keep an open mind as to what chapter you want to join. After each event, you will rank the chapters you visited. Each sorority can invite only a certain number of women back to the next stage. A computer program matches your choices with those of the sororities. Through this process, Panhellenic will make every effort to place you in a chapter according to your list. Be sure to keep an open mind during Recruitment - you are interviewing the women in the chapters and they are interviewing you. Joining a sorority is a personal decision. When reflecting on the chapters you visit ask yourself: What qualities do you share with the women in the chapter? Do you feel comfortable with them? What can their sisterhood offer you? Try not to put too much emphasis on what your friends are saying or what chapters they may be invited back to. Remember, if you and your friends go separate ways you can still be friends even if you join different chapters.

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