Which chapters participate in Informal Recruitment?

Not all of the chapters on our campus participate in formal recruitment, but there are always chapters recruiting women informally in the fall and spring semesters!

The chapters who participate in Formal Recruitment every Fall may or may not hold informal recruitment events after the formal recruitment process concludes. Some chapters may choose to host invitation only events while others may choose to publicize their informal recruitment activities.

More information will be on Instagram (@illinoisphc) following Primary Recruitment in Fall of 2022.

Do i have to sign up for informal recruitment?

No. We will list all events and contact information for chapters interested in publicizing their informal recruitment schedule.


Any woman who received a bid during formal recruitment in the fall semester, even if you did not accept it, is NOT eligible to join an NPC sorority through informal recruitment.

We also provide all chapters access to a list of women who have expressed interest in informal recruitment opportunities. To add yourself to this list, please complete the following form:



It is up to the individual chapter's discretion to contact women who have expressed an interest through this form.

What happens at informal recruitment events?

Informal recruitment events are exactly what they sound like...informal! Many chapters will host dinners, go bowling or just hang out. This is a chance for the chapter to get to know you and for you to get to know the women in the chapter, so be yourself and have fun!

Informal Recruitment