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Sisterhood on VDAY

Sigma Delta Tau -

Sigma Delta Tau holds many respected values, but the one that we take the most pride in is our close-knit sisterhood between all of our members. One extremely special part about Sigma Delta Tau’s sisterhood is seeing how girls, not only in the same pledge class, but in different pledge classes as well, can become life-long friends. This is something that allows for an amazing transition for the freshman, as well as participating in house events each year.

A handful of times each semester, our sisterhood chairs plan events that all freshman and sophomores must attend. This past week, we held a pizza and movie night just in time for Valentine’s Day. This was a chance for girls in each pledge class continue to get close with one another and feel comfortable with all girls in our chapter. Some other events that we have done are cake decorating, watching an improve show, and gingerbread house decorating. Each event allows girls to form more relationships and create friendships that they maybe never expected!

Sisterhood has always been an a very important value in our chapter, and we continue to try to incorporate even more bonding opportunities as each year goes by. Some people may think it is hard to form relationships with members not in their pledge class. However, just through bonding activities and getting to know other pledge classes, we have all made the best of friends that are all different ages.

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